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Who Are We?

Background Information

Our History

  • IBH Investment Bank Limited (Labuan Investment Bank Licence No: 090103BI) was incorporated on 9 July 2009 to carry out business as an Labuan investment bank, under the Labuan Banking Act 1990.
  • The Investment Banking Licence was issued on 20 September 2009 by Labuan Financial Services Authority (LOFSA).
  • IBH Investment Bank Limited is 100% owned by its Bank Holding Company, IBH Capital (Labuan) Limited (Co. No. LL06841).
  • IBH Capital (Labuan) Limited has a registered capital of USD100.0 million.

Corporate Structure

  1. Bank Holding Company

  2. IBH Capital (Labuan) Limited

    (Registered Authorised Capital: USD 100.0M)
  3. Labuan Investment Bank

  4. IBH Investment Bank Limited

    (Registered Authorised Capital: USD 100.0M)

Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart
  1. Board of Directors

  2. Compliance & Risk Management

  3. Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

  4. Executive Committee (EXCO)

  5. Business Unit

  6. Blockchain Investment Banking

  7. Wealth Management, Gold & FX Markets

  8. Global Markets

  9. Support Unit

  10. Corporate Service & Administration

  11. Documentation & Operations

  12. Treasury, Finance & Capital Management

Winning Combination

Winning Chart